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Do you need a cyber guru? are you stuck with the increasing scamm calling? or get a fake call in scam site that makes you log them in to your computer? Do not be scammed! we are your cyber helper to get the scams gone! we can fix that easily.. and not scam you.

Our business is based on the belief that we can bring your computers up to standards. Our passion for our trade keeps our customers satisfied and always happy to return to see what’s new. We are a diverse group of technicians that specialize in the field, which makes us flexible and affordable.

please visit my chanels for feeds and much more! many interesting things there! from ufo's, and lots more!

look up tcservices1 on youtube you will get tons of stuff!

click the link. https://www.youtube.com/user/tcservices1/feed

We love to take the challenge of repairing your computer when others give up; 

We repair software and remove viruses easily and try to fix the damage the viruses cause. 

We know how to remove malware that is coming out today. This helps you to be productive.

We hope to help you all get your electronics working proper.


Attention:  Microsoft has now ended support for windows xp! but please do not think all is lost. we can help you upgrade some of these computers. with a newer operating system.

we also can unlock most of your computers if you lost your passwords!

People will throw away their old or defective computers, filling up landfill, and waisting money.  We take the donated computer and scavange it for good parts. We then refurmish the broken or virused computer back to helth, selling them inexpensively. saving the plannet and the economy. Most of the computers thrown away are fixable.and the customer does not know how to get it fixed asuming that it will be expensive when it is not!  Most other computer shops charge way too much for their services. because the un knowing minority does not know what to do to fix them.

Most of are jobs are flat labor rate unde 100 dollars. to get them updated virus removed, and proper antivirus put on.

People do not know that the new operating systems like windows 8 and above have antivirus built in them. but they sell them cheeper by adding (Bloatware) advertising placed on them as per at the retail store. things like a add on like most comon brands. but if you take the paid ones off windows will turn on it's built in antivirus. and it will update automaticaly  if the customer does not know what the latest software is or, what is a scam. we educate you. showing you all the pc scasms that is always sat there placed on purpose by the big wiggs that love to force ads on you.

help stop the normal paid scams that is going on to take your money. we try to stop that here.

We are in the business of refurmishing electonics. Have been doing this for over 30 years!

I have a realy informative youtube channel under tcservices1 ..  if you want to know the alturnitive media here is the place to go. I post as often as i can the verry interesting and informative video links there. please visit it.

also please look at the second life pics. and links. on next page

We are moving to 3D printing, and 3D art! You can talk and socialize to the world. making this a type 1 comunication for where the society will evolve. We are trying to get the world back on track.

We continue to educate customers on software, and new electronics.

If you’d like to discuss what we have to offer we are here to answer your questions - give us a call.

A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best possible service to you.

We are doing 3d art on second life.com
I have lots of fun creating 3d media there and art.
I am planing to post my art and links to the simulators here.
here is an example of the 3d art and social part of second life.

There will be updates and web site arangement as i have time to do this. i am realy bisy lately repairing and upgrading computers.
Thank your for stoping by come back soon for updates.